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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for someone else using a mobile phone?

Yes. If the customer you wish to pay for is registered with KCCA and has a COIN, you can pay for his KCCA dues using his number plate or COIN following the steps displayed by the mobile money system. Please verify and confirm that you are paying for that particular customer by reading the customer name displayed on the phone.

How can I use eCitie to pay my fees to KCCA?

You are no longer required to go to KCCA Divisions offices to get a Bank Payment Advise Form (BPAF) before you proceed to the Bank to effect the payment.


All you need to do, is to access Internet from any Internet point, visit KCCA web portal at register your payment and get a Payment Advise Form with a Payment Reference Number and proceed to the Bank you selected at the time of registering the payment or pay using your mobile phone also depending on the telecom network you selected. 

How can one make a payment using a mobile phone?

The customer who wishes to make a payment using a mobile phone, can use the vehicle number plate if he wishes to make a payment for one vehicle or a Payment Reference Number obtained from the KCCA Web portal in case the customer wishes to pay for more than one vehicle.

How do I confirm that KCCA has received my payment?

After the customer has made a payment at the bank is issued a receipt and the bank system sends a notification to eCitie. eCitie sends a payment acknowledgement message (SMS) to the customer’s mobile phone and also his account is updated. The customer can check his account at KCCA web portal by entering his COIN and the PIN obtained at the time of Registration.

How long does it take to get a COIN?

If the customer visits KCCA offices with all the required supporting documents as prescribed on the registration form for example photocopy of the Vehicle logbook and any two identification Cards. The KCCA officer will help the customer to fill the form, process it and give the customer the Certificate of Registration with a COIN immediately. eCitie will also generate a PIN for the customer which will be sent to his mobile phone in form of a message (SMS) or email address.

If the customer applies from KCCA web portal, will be required to print off the application form and submit it to KCCA nearest Division with the photocopies of the attaching document and immediately the Certificate of Registration with the COIN shall be given to the City Operator.

Is it mandatory to pay using eCitie?

eCitie is the uniform payment platform for all KCCA revenue sources however for now it’s only taxis’ revenue that must be collected through eCitie and in August 2014, all revenue sources must be paid through eCitie. Note; that the customer MUST have already registered the vehicle with KCCA and you are issued a COIN.

What do I do if I forget my COIN?

In case the customer forgets his COIN, is required to visit KCCA web portal and click on the Contact Us link from where he is given the telephone line to call or fill the form and submit it to the system. The system will automatically send the COIN to the mobile phone customer or email address that was specified at the time of applying for the COIN. The customer can also visit any nearest KCCA division office.

What do I do if I forget my PIN?

In case you forget your PIN, you can visit KCCA web portal and click on the forget password link and follow the steps that follow.

What is a Payment Reference Number (PRN)?

The Payment Reference Number (PRN), uniquely identifies each transaction the customer makes and it’s the one that the teller uses to post the money onto KCCA account or used by the customer to pay using a mobile phone if he selected the telecom network.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is a 4 digit number which is used as a password together with the COIN to access the customer’s account at KCCA web portal.

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